Young people (18 to 30 years old) interested in foreign cultures and agriculture.


Countries all over the world, where you'll live on different kinds of farms: small, big farms; dairy, cattle, ranches, vegetable farms...


Depending on your country of choice, the exchange starts between March and May. Some countries are very flexible with their start dates, other countries have set dates.

For how long?

Again depending on country between four weeks and six months. Usually, host family changes take place every couple of days, up until every two weeks.


Your exchange costs 480.- Swiss Francs plus 200.- Depot, excluding your travel expenses, insurances and your own pocket money. The host families take care of the IFYEs without getting any money. So, all the money you pay goes to IFYE-Swiss for organizing the exchange.

The depot

You'll get the 200.- depot back once you have

Das Depot von CHF 200.– gibt es unter drei Bedingungen zurück:

  • written you final report on the organisation of your exchange
  • written a news article for the IFYE-News
  • taken part at a General Assembly and briefly spoken about your exchange.

Important dates

The following dates are required for your participation in IFYE-Swiss

  • information meeting in January
    At this meeting, we're interviewing all the candidates and distribute all the exchange places. Until this meeting, your application is provisional.
  • Outgoing-Weekend in February
    This weekend prepares you and all the other IFYEs for a best-possible IFYE experience.
  • Warm-up-Party in May
    This event is the last before your exchange starts and serves to heat you up a little bit more. Also, you'll meet many old IFYEs that can give you helpful tips for your exchange.