Length of exchange

2 months, Start: End of July


End of July in Taipei

Host families

Mostly farms (= ornamental fish farms, orchid farms, tea farms, gardeners). The average size of a farm is approximately 1 hectar.

Changing host families

Approximately every 2 weeks, sometimes also after 1 week.

Information/ Organisation

Exchange is organized through 4H club Korea. The host families are 4H members.


Usually only very light work while your picture is taken. The Chinese culture does not allow guests to do any work. You will be shown around for sightseeing, to schools and to many tea ceremonies.


Many with your host families, the local County representative or other 4H members.

Young Farmers/Rural Youth:

4H-Club Taiwan, some regional events.


Chinese food, eaten with chopsticks. A lot of fish and seafood. There's always rice, but also vegetables, tofu and meat.


In most families, someone speaks a little bit of English. Apart from that, use your hands and feet.


For them, it is a great honor to have you as a guest, you will be shown to neighbors almost like a prize. Bring lots of small gifts! You will get many small gifts and want to give something in return. It is almost impossible to move around freely, you will be observed and taken care of almost 24/7.