Tasmania (Australia)

Nächster Austausch

Voraussichtlich im Sommer 2024. Im Jahr 2023 findet kein Austausch nach Tasmanien statt.

Length of exchange

3 months, Start: mid-April



Host families

Mostly Young Farmers families, farming and non-farming families.

Changing host families

Every week. The changes are often very spontaneous.

Information/ Organisation

A host family plan is usually available, but there are usually lots of spontaneous changes. Changing families is well-organizes. You'll always be together in one host family with an IFYE from another country.


Depends highly on your host family: Daily work in some, almost no work in other families.


Spontaneous trips with your host families. They usually try to fulfill your wishes, if they are reasonable.

Young Farmers/Rural Youth:

Well organized all through Tasmania, split up in 8 different regional sections.


Lots of vegetables, pumpkin, potatoes and meat.


English and "Aussie-Slang"


The highlight is the AG-fest at the beginning of May, a big agricultural show that's organized through the Young Farmers organizations. You'll be helping to set this up for a whole week, and meet lots of fun and cool people. Aussies are very spontaneous, nothing is really planned - "no worries". Temperatures are between 10-20°, houses are poorly insulated and usually have only very poor heating.