Where would you like to go?

We have 14 different partner organisations on four different continents. Whether you want to see the prairies of the USA, the fjords up north in Norway or the very different culture of Taiwan - I'm sure we'll find the perfect destinatin for you. A list of all countries is available here.

Not sure where to go yet? We'll find the right thing for you.

For curious participants who really want to get off the beaten track, sign up and we'll offer your countries that have probably never been listed on your to-go-list.

Do you want to have more than one family?

As an IFYE, you live with a host family for 2-3 weeks and then change to the next. That way, you get to know many different people and many different ways of life. Most families live on farms or in rural areas, but some families might also be in suburban or city areas. In your host families, you are part of the everyday life, including participation in everyday life tasks. You won't get any salary for your participation, since your stay includes food and bedding in return for your work you do on the farm/in the household. The amount of work might be very different depending on the country, but in most cases you'll have enough free time to explore and for your families to show you around. In some countries, you'll be in close contact to the local rural youth organizations that will show you around and take you out with them.

When does the program start?

Depending on your country, the starting date might be different, but usually, you start your exchange in the spring time. For most countries, the starting dates are fixed by our partner organizations so that you might also meet their IFYEs from all the different countries. Some countries have multiple starting dates, from which you can choose. You can find all the dates right here.

How much is this going to cost me?

The costs for your exchange are 480.- Swiss francs, plus a depot of 200.-. This does not include your flight costs and money for personal expenses.

Travel costs within your host country are usually taken care of by the exchange organisation in your host country. We give back the 200.- depot once you've successfully completed the exchange program, when you've written your final report on the organisation, written an article for the Swiss IFYE News magazine and when you've attended your first general assebly and talked about your exchange.

How do I participate?

Send your application to our secretary's office until December 15th of the year previous to your exchange. In January, we have our annual get-together where we assign the countries to the participants. Up until then, your application is only provisional. After that, we gladly accept applications specifically for free countires, up until the end of March.